• General registration includes all classes, guaranteed admission to all services, and priority access to additional paid events. General Registration will increase to $149 January 1st.

    VIP seating in all classes and all services, lunch meal plan (Thurs and Fri), and special Chat N' Chew with the President, and complementary Uncharted Territory Summit 2024 T-Shirt.


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IWATS Uncharted Territory Summit Tracks

Please select a Track below. Once registration is complete you will receive an e-mail to select the courses you would like to attend. We've heard your request and will offer each course twice so that you may select other courses you would also love to attend as well in other learning Tracks.

  • Designed for those who wish to take their gift to the world and the industry this track will help develop you as an artist musically, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist for your brand. Take this 360 look at what it means and what it takes to become an artist and how to handle the business behind the scenes.

  • Designed with a collective of worship leaders the Worship Track is composed of practical, topical training to help Worship ministries better execute and excel musically, theologically, and with presence.

  • Whether your a church musician, play for mainstream artists, or do both this track is just for you. Spend time with fellow musicians in The Shed. This will not only be a chance to display and sharpen your musical skills but to answer key questions that effect musicians.

    Ex: Are your skills as a musician enough? When you have the job, are you aware of the Pastor’s desires for the outcome of your work? When do you know that it’s time to move on? When do you know that you are doing what is expected and are on board for the long haul? How aware of the entire church culture are you? How do you perceive your time and the choir’s time in worship? These are just a few of the topics we will explore.

  • The Dance Track is designed to teach and train Christian Dancers in the theoretical and leadership principles of dance, as well as preparing them to be able to lead a Christian Dance Ministry.

  • The Pastors and Leaders Track features presenters who live with the same challenges you do. They will share biblical and practical insights that will stimulate your thinking. In addition, you will have opportunity to meet pastors and leaders from similar and different contexts.

Registration Add-ons


In preparation for T-Shirt Day order your Uncharted Territory Summit 2024 Tee today. The tee will feature the 2024 IWATS Theme which will be released November 6, 2024. All President's Circle registrants will receive a free shirt with registration. T-Shirts are FREE for ALL Early Bird registrants (General and President's Circle) until December 1st!

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